Iaras Belen

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Illustrator | Entrepreneur |
Social Media Manager

I'm an illustrator and entrepreneur with a background in social media management. My small business, Boricori, reflects my passion for art and animals. Building the brand from the ground up has equipped me with valuable skills such as problem-solving, effective communication, and practical management, including social media expertise.I hold a degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. This academic background has provided me with essential skills for business administration, including strategic thinking, decision-making, project management, and team leadership.Boricori exemplifies the fusion of creativity and business strategy in my approach. My portfolio reflects a balance between artistic expression and administrative competence, demonstrating how I integrate skills acquired both in the creative process and business operations.

Branded Content

Cohesive branding has the power to set your business apart from competitors, foster trust with your audience, and make a positive first impression.

Promotional Content

Sharing promotional content enables your audience to stay informed about upcoming events, sales, and new products. It can effectively boost follower count, enhance brand engagement, and expand your reach to potential customers.

Product Content

This serves as an excellent method to display your products, strengthen your brand, and effectively communicate value to your customers.

Customers Reviews

Improves your company's social credibility and leaves a positive impression on potential customers.

Niche Content

Niche content facilitates a connection with your audience, sets you apart from competitors, fosters a loyal following, and enhances both engagement and conversion rates.

Charity Work Content

Engaging in charity and volunteer work not only contributes to social causes but also has the potential to enhance your brand reputation and foster increased customer loyalty.

Project Information